Vision, values and DNA

Our vision is to create an outstanding workplace based on our values; Professional Excellence and Warm People. Our DNA comprises of these values and the vision.

Miles is an IT-company based on professional services, bespoke software development and business advisory. You can hire us either by the hour or for project deliveries.

The people working in Miles are amongst the best in our industry. They have a burning desire to excel within their profession, and we are very proud of how the build and manage our skills set.

In Miles, the social environment is as important at the professional. Our consultants are often wide spread amongst our customers. Hence, we encourage our employees to meet as often as possible. At least once a month we arrange a social happening to have fun together. At Miles family is important. That is why we also bring our loved ones to many of our happenings. Working in Miles should be beneficial to the whole family.

We are proud to say we are a different kind of company. We don’t have budgets or growth targets, and we are always on the look-out for the right candidates to join us. How many we recruit within a year? As many as possible, as long as they meet our requirements.

We strongly belive in focusing on well being and quality for everyone. In this way we have built a solid corporate culture with strong growth and convincing results since 2005.